Our Research

Our dedicated research team regularly conducts due diligence to analyze managers background, investment process, prospects etc. Significant weights are apportioned towards qualitative aspects than quantitative aspects of the products.

Identify “Best in Class” security managers and high value creating strategies


  • Asset Research – Historical evidence suggests that in a diversified portfolio, 80-90% of the returns are guided by the asset one invests in. Therefore, we give prime importance to asset research based on Macro and Micro parameters
  • Vehicle Research – Having finalized asset allocation, one can choose vehicle-based on parameters such as Transparency, Ease of investment and redemption, Liquidity, and Taxation
  • Scheme Selection – The scheme is selected based on a combination of various Qualitative and Quantitative parameters. Fund Manager Details, Consistency of performance, Risk ratios, Assets under management, consistency of following the mandate are studied and tracked before finalizing a scheme
  • Fund Manager Details – This is amongst the most important parameters when choosing an Equity scheme. Qualification, experience, and track record are carefully scanned before recommending a scheme.