Private Wealth Management

A process based approach for accumulating, protecting and growing our Private Clients’ wealth. Some of the ingredients of this process are:

Financial Diagnostic: (define aspirational needs, determine risk appetite and strategic asset allocation). The most critical decision behind investment success is arrived at with an in house scientific process to quantify the aspirational needs / requirement of the client family.

Sourcing Best Fund Managers & Investment Ideas.: The second most critical decision behind investment success after determining the risk appetite of a client which is arrived at on the basis of a scientific methodology is a comprehensive manager selection process designed in-house. As an Independent Wealth Management Firm we our able to source the best investment managers and ideas for our private clients.

Execution & Investment Performance Monitoring: Once the investment mandates and benchmarks have been defined, this is followed thoroughly and tactical asset allocation is complied with. A robust reporting system helps us track performance based on the state of the art and accurate performance measurement techniques. This allows a client to compare the performance of their investments in a uniform manner.

Risk Management: Based on proprietary quantitative models developed in-house, we are able to reduce the risk in our client portfolio thereby, optimizing the return per unit of risk taken by our Private Clients.