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Market Crash – Historic Perspective

Volatility in stock markets though worrying, is not new. Over last 20 years, we have seen several drawdowns (fall from...
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Is Investment in Commercial Property a Viable Option?

Owning commercial space is assuming importance even among retail investors.  Investors look at acquiring commercial property by availing bank loans...
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Gold as an Asset Class (Revisited)

Gold is a favorite asset class among investors. But its subdued performance during the last seven years was a dampener...
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Revisiting Nifty 50 v/s S&P 500 in the backdrop of USD movement

Great to observe that Strategy to generate “Superior Dollar Returns – Alpha over S&P” has worked exactly as it was...
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Common Myths!! Owning a House or Staying on Rent

Common Myths!!!!!! Myth 1: Buying house on loan leads to tax saving: People do not consider tax benefits under HRA...
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Should you buy a house or stay on rent?

What makes a better sense? To own a house or stay on rent? While owning a house is an emotional...
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Tax Savings – ELSS vs PPF

Individuals and HUFs can claim deduction up to Rs. 1,50,000 from their gross total income for certain investments/payments made in...
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InvITs – A high yielding Asset Class for long-term investors

Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) is a collective investment vehicle that pools together funds from long-term investors to acquire income generating...
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Likely Winners!!!!!!!

Steering your investments through equity markets at current market scenario in the backdrop of spiked volatility, stretched valuations and pre-election...
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