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Have an affair with AFIRE(Achieve Financial Independence to Retire Early)

What is an Early Retirement?  “Early retirement is not any Financial Goal; it is a Way of Life” Early Retirement...
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How to choose your Investment advisor?

Health and Wealth are undoubtedly the most important aspects of material world. When it comes to health, we certainly want...
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ESG Investing – is it the future?

What gave birth to ESG considerations? Many risks associate with Financial Investments, some of them are relatively difficult to quantify....
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Small Exporters – Hedging Dollar Receivables through Currency Futures

Though Indian Rupee depreciated over a period of time against USD ($), on careful consideration, It DOES NOT (depreciate) to...
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REITs – Alternative for Real Estate investment ?!

Looking to invest in commercial real estate (CRE) ? How about “Nariman Point” area of Mumbai?! To give a perspective,...
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Polarized Financial Markets

Overview of how Global financial markets performed during 2020 ! While most of the Financial markets have emerged strong post...
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Equity markets – Sectors do matter!

Past couple of months India witnessed robust foreign monies flowing into markets – for Oct ~ 14,537 Cr, Nov (month...
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Top performing Mutual Funds & PMS

While it is considered that Investing through mutual funds/PMS is a better way to participate in equity markets, investors should...
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