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Is Investing At Market Highs Risky?

“We steer clear of the foolhardy academic definition of risk and volatility, recognizing, instead, that volatility is a welcome creator...
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Insurance: And Its Investment Paradox

Many make the mistake of buying an insurance policy with an eye on the income it generates. It is natural...
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Can Bank Nifty Outperform Nifty in the Long Run

Is Nifty better than Bank Nifty? This is one question that is almost always asked by most investors and especially...
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Why RoCE is more important than P/E

P/E multiples are consistently used by all investors alike to determine the profitability of a company and how expensive or...
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Commercial Properties Are At Discount Now!!!

Investment in Real Estate has been in vogue since long, especially for HNIs. The allure of a physical asset has...
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Infrastructure Build

Is it Time to Bet on INFRA?

The infrastructure sector has been the talk of the town these days. While we have a lot of positives going...
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How Adani Group Helped Mutual Funds to Perform Better

Mutual fund performance is always benchmarked to respective Indices and many a time, their performance hovers around the benchmark.  It...
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How To Manage Higher Interest Rates On Home Loan?

Rate hikes are not going to leave us anytime soon. Not that they are going to continue but that their...
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Inflation – The Timeless Security of Gold

Gold has been considered one of the ‘go to’ investments by many for a long time. But this theory has...
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