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InvITs – Long-term Investing Vehicles

Addendum to InvITs Investing – A re-visit to our blog of 2 years ago when IRB InvITs traded at ≈28%...
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Should General Elections make you jittery as an investor?

Is it prudent to invest in Equity Markets during an election year? This doubt is lingering in the minds of...
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Financial Protection- Insurance as a Tool

While we plan assiduously for wealth creation, seldom do we think of financial protection to the family in case of...
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Superior Dollar Returns/Alpha over S&P 500 (U.S)

NIFTY (Popular Indian equity index) has delivered huge alpha (dollar terms) over S&P 500 (U.S) every time rupee depreciated beyond...
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Gold at Discount !!!!

Indians treat Gold not just as an asset class but a symbol of prosperity. For ages it has been the...
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