Making Sense of Active Funds in The Passive World

Passive funds have become a hot favourite among investors, witnessing an impressive 36% surge in inflows. The appeal lies in...
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Is Investing At Market Highs Risky?

“We steer clear of the foolhardy academic definition of risk and volatility, recognizing, instead, that volatility is a welcome creator...
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Commercial Properties Are At Discount Now!!!

Investment in Real Estate has been in vogue since long, especially for HNIs. The allure of a physical asset has...
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ESOPs – Employee friendly?!

ESOP (Employee stock ownership plan) refers to an employee benefit plan which offers employees an ownership in the organization by...
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Should General Elections make you jittery as an investor?

Is it prudent to invest in Equity Markets during an election year? This doubt is lingering in the minds of...
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